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How to

sell your home.

Moving on. 

Up-sizing, down-sizing, empty nesting - whatever the reason...


Like any financial transaction, selling your home comes with potential for profit, as well as risks and responsibilities. 


The information on this page was written and compiled for people who I represent or are considering having me represent them in the sale of residential real estate - a single family home, condo, residential lot, or small multi-family property, in town, or in the country.  It is based on best practices for seller representation and fine tuned by my 10 years experience helping all kinds of people sell all kinds of properties.

Please click the links above or scroll the page to learn about the process and get an idea of how I work. If what you learn inspires confidence, please get in touch with me fore more information. I'm here to help.

What causes a home to sell?

There are three factors that affect our ability to get your home sold at the price, terms, and timing that work for you:


This includes both the functional and aesthetic quality of your home and the land it sits on. This is the factor over which you have the most control. Curb appeal and interior design create desire.


We must get the attention of  buyers and agents, creating a sense of urgency in the marketplace and motivating a buyer to write an offer. Professional video, photography, online marketing, and tenacious promotion. These are the factors your Realtor controls.


The most critical factor to get right from the very start. It is determined by market forces of supply and demand,  location of your home, and competition from similar available homes. Even the best house with the most  elaborate  marketing campaign will fail to sell if the price is not supported by current market conditions. 

How can I get the highest possible price
when selling my home?

The law of supply and demand. Current real estate market conditions. National and local employment figures. Condition of your home and neighborhood. Marketing tactics and negotiation skills.


These are a few of the factors that determine the ultimate sale price for your home.


Unfortunately, we can't control external factors. But we can utilize my process, designed to give you an advantage in the market. And you are in charge of all the decisions along the way. Here are the basic steps in the process of selling your home for top dollar:

  1. Study the market to get an idea of  price range - CMA

  2. Order a pre-listing inspection and address maintenance needs

  3. Optimize interior and exterior condition of your home

  4. Set a strategic list price to attract multiple buyers

  5. Follow a proven selling system

  6. Hire a realtor who represents your interests

How can I manage risk and protect myself in the process of selling my home?

Like any transaction, selling your home involves the potential for risk. Each of us has our own tolerance for risk, and part of my job is to help you investigate and have a strategy to mitigate it. 

Knowledge is power.

The State of Oregon legislates consumer protection for buyers and sellers of real estate, and the Oregon Association of Realtors supports this mission by providing a detailed real estate sellers advisory on their website.

The best thing you can do to inform yourself of potential risks and issues in selling your home is to study this seller advisory information.

How can I select the best Realtor to represent and guide me in selling my home?

The choice is yours, and here are some things to consider:

  • The typical real estate transaction is stressful for most people, at least at some point in the process.

  • Selling your home and moving your life is a big deal. Challenges often appear.


So follow your head, and your heart. Get recommendations from friends and family. Ask how their experience went - especially the stressful parts. Read reviews and testimonials on real estate websites. Interview realtors and ask them how many homes they have sold, what are their average days on market, sold price vs. original list price. Ask as many questions as you need to feel confident. Then select the person you trust—a professional who can demonstrate positive results helping people sell their home for the best price and terms, with minimal stress and risk.


You deserve a trusted adviser who is present for you, acting professionaly on your behalf, and taking  a personal interest in your success.


Because after all, your success is what the process is all about.

How can I prepare my home for sale?

Curb appeal and interior design create desire. Clean homes with professional updates appeal to most  buyers. I have a list of recommendations for ideal interior and exterior condition I can share with you. However, every home and every seller situation is unique, so I spend time with you in dedicated consultation to plan the most cost effective strategy for making your home as appealing as possible.

Best practice:

Buyers need to envision themselves and their furnishings in your home to feel confident about writing an offer. The best way to support this is by "de-cluttering"  - removing  excess furniture and items of personal nature so house shoppers are seeing space and potential for their own lives.

What causes a home to sell?
How can I choose my Realtor?
How can I prepare my home for sale?
How can I sell for top dollar?
Can I protect myself in the process?
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